'Grave Expression'

 Written by Ian Blair
Photos from Dave Saxby and Patrizia Pierazzo

  Merton Priory (MPY86)


‘After a particularly heavy lunchtime session, a group of DGLA archaeologists working at Merton Priory in 1988, return to their graves to sleep it off.’

DGLA-Grave Expression‘Names of the undead’
Back row (Left to right): Phil Emery, Neil Price, Dave Saxby, Jeremy Robinson, Bob Bazely
Middle row (Left to right): Mel Bliss, Gill King, Penny Bruce, Pat Miller, Sarah?
Front row (Left to right) Bill Smith, Jeff, Louise McDonagh, Robin Nielsen



Nonantola, Italy (2002)

Just to show that grave humour in archaeology transcends International borders and the Millennium, here we have a similarly supine Patrizia Pierazzo taking a restorative nap in the churchyard of the abbey in Nonantola, Italy in 2002. Her future colleagues here in England, will be aware that despite the best efforts of her fellow archaeologists, that she did eventually manage to escape.

Patrizia Pierazzo in a grave situation




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