Guildhall Amphitheatre


Ian Blair


Guildhall Amphitheatre Group Photo 1993

 When this group photograph was taken in 1993 the former archaeologists of the DUA & DGLA, now working together as MoLAS, had just completed the excavation of the Roman amphitheatre at the Guildhall in the City of London. Looking back at it reminds me what a fantastic excavation it was, and what a pleasure it was to have been part of a great team who worked there. It is strange to relate, that when I joined the DUA, the amphitheatre was still almost a decade away from being discovered, and there had been speculation that a possible location for it was in the Ludgate Hill area of the City. Strange in a way, that no one had thought about it being in the more central Guildhall area, but then as we all know, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I have put together a list of the names of the team who feature in the photo, but given the passage of time, there are alas the inevitable gaps, so please feel free to claim your place in the photo, or to name others that similarly appear and are unidentified!

Guildhall amphitheatre team photo names

Standing on elevated walkway, from left to right: ?, ?, ?, Martin (attendant labourer, brother of Billy), Duncan Lees, Damian Goodburn, Nick Bateman, Simon Gannon, ?, ?, David Bowsher, Ken Pitt, Howard Burkhill, Val Griggs, Dave Saxby, ?, ?, Dave Lakin, Billy (attendant labourer, brother of Martin), Gina Porter, Carrie Cowan, Alan Gammon.
Kneeling on elevated walkway, from left to right: ?, Jackie Keily, Lynne Keys, ?, ?
Ground level from rear & left to right: ?, ?, Ian Blair, Helen Jones, Kieron Heard, Mark Burch, Al Steele, Tony Mackinder
Central ‘seated’ bookends: Rysz Bartkowiak, Mark Wiggins
Front row: Bruno Barber, Gordon Malcolm, Trevor Brigham, Brian Pye, Lesley Dunwoodie, ?, ?, Noel (attendant labourer), ?, John Pinnock, ?


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  • Comment Link John Pinnock Monday, 19 February 2024 01:58 posted by John Pinnock

    Hi, the three lads standing on their own on the lower level right side, indicated by the man in the blue shirt on the left of the three. I think the lad in the white T Shirt in the middle of the three, could well be me. I was a labourer on the site for a short time. The wall had just been uncovered. One of my tasks was to help protect the remains. The remains were boarded out either side and I had to fill the inner area with expanding foam before a lid was put in place. Access was by ladder by the site porta cabins. Excavation of bones etc was still taking place by the archaeology team when I was down there.

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