Jon Price

1979 to 1982

 Found your site through seeing postings on Pete Rowsomes Facebook page.

I worked for the DUA from 79-82. Well Court 79-80, Cannon Street 80, St Peters Hill 81-2, Bishopsgate 82.
Also drew a couple of cartoons for Radio Carbon, won the baloon debate, and was involved in the union.
I dug out a few photos from that pre-digital age.


This was Well Court team 1979/80 on a visit to another site, but I can't recall which, could be John Maloney's Crosswall. The crane might be a giveaway?

 Visit to Crosswall 1Pete Rowsome, Dominic Perring,John Maloney and Pete Cardiff


Visit to Crosswall 2Pete Rowsome, Pete Cardiff, John Maloney and Dominic Perring


Visit to FishbourneSimon Grant, Jon and Marie Nally on a St Peters Hill day out at Fishbourne Roman Palace. 


Jon on St. Peter's Hill siteMe at St Peters Hill.

PS. I was also on Bevis Marks...



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