11-19 St Thomas Street Southwark SE1

(11STS77) 1977


11-19 St Thomas Street DGLA (Southwark & Lambeth) archaeological excavation in 1977 at 11-19 St Thomas Street (11STS77) supervised by George Dennis, assisted by Robin Densem. The photo shows the substantial stone walls of a later medieval stone cellar or undercroft, almost certainly part of St Thomas’s Hospital. The site also produced a halfpenny of Alfred the Great from one of several gullies, and underlying Roman Stratigraphy.



11 19 St Thomas Street Excavation PhotoExcavation in progress at 11-19 St Thomas Street, Southwark (11STS77), with George Dennis striding purposefully at the top left of the photo and Robin Densem gesticulating at him from a ladder in the trench.


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