Temple of Mithras Excavation



Prof.Grimes at temple of mithras site 1954Professor Grimes on ladder, with Audrey Williams standing below in apsidal west end of the Temple of Mithras


Prof. Grimes showing a few friends around the Temple of MithrasVisitors scrutinising the remains of the Temple of Mithras in 1954  © The Times / News Syndication


Mithras head with two peopleAudrey Williams (with trademark woolly hat) and workman (with trademark fag) and the newly discovered head of Mithras


crowds queuing in Cannon st.Crowds of sightseers queuing along Walbrook and into Cannon Street. An estimated 400,000 people visited the site in a two-week period


Visitors in queue within the excavation of the Temple of MithrasVisitors in queue within the excavation
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