Birkbeck training dig at Syon House

Photographs from Bob Cowie
Captions by Ian Blair


Harvey JC 01 900wHarvey Sheldon and Jon Cotton 


0055 900wRobin Densem with Andrew Selkirk and a lady


Robin ‘Robbo’ Densem and Harvey Sheldon photographFred Gumby (aka Robin ‘Robbo’ Densem) being told by Harvey Sheldon on the Birkbeck training dig at Syon House, why it is probably best not to try and excavate skeletons using his big shovel.



0059 900wScott McCracken & Harvey Sheldon


Scott McCracken and Barney Sloane photograaphScott McCracken and Barney Sloane contemplating the meaning of life, whilst viewing the disturbed remains of an adult female and a child in the brothers’ south cloister of Syon Abbey in July 2006.


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