10 Friar Street, 69 Carter Lane, EC4

Photographs from Rysz Bartkowiak and DUA Annual Review 1989




Rysz FRI88

DUA, summer 1989 site team from Friar Street (FRI88) photographed by Rysz inside Wardrobe Court (where the site office was located).
Left to right: Rysz (photographer), Bruce Watson (supervisor), Dave Lawrence, Martin Smith, Antonia Watkins, Tove Oliver (stone recording) and Stefenia Bauestro.


Priors Lodgings002
DUA Annual Review 1989. Caption: ‘Work underway in the main area of the excavation;
the surviving elements of the northern wall of the Provincial’s Hall can be seen at the far end of the site’


Priors Lodgings003
DUA Annual Review 1989. Caption: - ‘The foundations of the Prior’s Lodgings ran across the central area of the site.
This building would have occupied a space between the Provincial’s Hall to the south and the choir of the priory church to the north.’ with  Bruce Watson.


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