91–100 Gracechurch Street, 1–6 Leadenhall Street, 2–12 Whittington Avenue (now Leadenhall Court), EC3

Photos from Gustav Milne and Ryszard Bartkowiak



 Leadenhall Crt 800Left to right: Sitting: Duncan Lees, Olwen Beazley, Pete Rowsome, Gary Brown, Ryszard Bartkowiak (Rysz)
Standing: a person, Mark Holmes, Mike Copper, Susan Greenwood, Damian Goodburn, Jo Stephenson, Sarah Gibson, Wendy Locker. Photo from Gustav Milne




Rysz LCT84 700left to right: Gustav Milne, Chrissie Milne, Lynne Keys, Jo Groves, Damian Goodburn, Mark Holmes, James Drummond Murray, Paul McCulloch, Mike Copper, ?, ?, Val Griggs, Pete Rowsome, Dominic Perring, Paul Potter, Gary Brown, Duncan Lees, Marie Nally, Patrick Allen, Sat around pit: Olwen Beazley, Frank Meddens, Trevor Brigham, Mark Wiggins, Hesta White. Standing in pit: Quetta Kaye, Susan Greenwood, Seiriol Collins, Josephine Brown, Patricia ?Price.
Photo from Rysz






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