7–10 Foster Lane, EC2

Photos from and written by Ian Blair


 OST82 a web

Andy Plint recording a section through a series of metalled gravel surfaces of a Roman road – defined in the north-east corner of the site during the watching brief.



OST82 b web

Watching brief on 11-12 Foster Lane (OST82) – with Andy Plint and Eric Norton.
Andy went on to become a stonemason in the West Country, and unusually he is minus his fantastic dog ‘Molly’ in this photograph. Molly was famous throughout the length and breadth of the City at that time – and was picked up by the City police on numerous occasions (but then weren’t we all?). Her slightly nomadic nature, allied to her ‘very’ friendly disposition, meant that she was mother to a large number of assorted litters of pups along the way..



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