Museum of London rotunda,
junction of Aldersgate and London Wall, EC2

Photos from and written by Ian Blair with a reply from Andy Plint

These three images of Andy Plint (including an extremely rare shot of his wonder-dog 'Molly’) were taken in a couple of contractors pits dug in the Rotunda roadway outside of the Museum of  London. As you can see from the first image of Andy scaling the shoring to escape from the deeper trench, it was clearly taken in the age before ladders had been invented.. Molly can be seen hard at work in the third photo – doing a pretty good impersonation of being dead, whereas she was in fact just sleeping during her short lunch break!


ALD82 1



ALD82 2



 ALD82 3Molly Sleeping


Andy's comment after seeing the photos on Facebook:
Happy days with Molly and hair!. Yes still working in stone and conservation in the south west. About time I updated the website. Hello to everyone I knew at the museum.




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